About Us

Together Sandy and Ken make up the S&K, working together has been a  very successful and rewarding experice for these two.  With Kens engineering background and Sandy's computer science and business background they make a unique and non-redundant team.   Their strengths compliment each other and have created an agile powerhouse company that can help your company with a variety of technical solutions.  Their passion, integrity and dedication make them an easy choice for you technological needs. 

Masters Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering, For the last 20 years, Ken has specialized in specific Hardware Design and Training, primarily for Xilinx. 

Ken is available for consultation and turnkey solutions for any hardware design needs. 

Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, specializng in Software Systems.  Sandy has been focusing on Cloud Based Design Solutions for small to meduim sized businesses.  Looking for a solution to have better access to your office, from home or on the road, Contact us